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Business Energy Green New Deal. By Michael Lynch Senior Contributor. By Dan Eberhart Contributor. By Ken Silverstein Senior Contributor. By Robert Rapier Senior Contributor. By Dipka Bhambhani Senior Contributor.

Energy Now. The idea of public ownership in the energy sector is just starting to reach the national debate, articles on energy. Most notably, a core component of presidential candidate Sen. By Mark Paul Contributor. A new report from The World Economic Forum assumes that the world will transition to solar and wind by the middle of this century but forgets that we also need a revolution in battery technology.

By Ellen R. Wald Contributor. By Roger Pielke Contributor. A recent opinion piece in the New Yorker by novelist Jonathan Franzen argues it articles on energy unrealistic to reduce carbon emissions enough to prevent a 2-degree global temperature rise and thus is largely pointless.

This post explains that Franzen gets articles on energy the climate science and the economics wrong. By Brian Murray Contributor. Saltwater articles on energy and integrated water logistics companies have attracted a higher proportion of the sparsely available capital flowing into the sector, highlighted by the largest energy IPO of this year: Rattler Midstream LP. By Bryce Erickson Contributor.

Gas looks the best bet of the fossil fuels through the energy transition. Gas, blessed with lower carbon intensity and ample resource, is set for steady growth through in Wood Mackenzie's base case projections.

And liquefied natural gas LNG looks set for a boom. By Simon Flowers Contributor. If they can prove that the articles on energy technologies are providing reliable, safe and clean electricity for ever-expanding populations, it will then compel western nations to pursue the same course, articles on energy. By Ken Silverstein Contributor. The Trump administration's antitrust investigation into a California-automaker clean cars agreement is aimed at undermining the deal and scaring off other car companies.

A sliding oil price could be just the start of something more serious next year for Opec, the oil cartel, and its close associate, Russia. By Tim Treadgold Contributor. Sep 12, Prices were simply unsustainably too low. Yet, obviously sitting here in mid-September, don't see this as the winter price rise quite yet. By Jude Clemente Contributor.

California made homelessness worse by making perfect housing the enemy of good housing, articles on energy, by liberalizing drug laws, and by opposing mandatory treatment for mental illness and drug addiction. By Michael Shellenberger Contributor. This week's olive branch from China in advance of the resumption of trade negotiations with the U.

By David Blackmon Contributor. Preserving existing forests is essential to finding unique species that not only have great economic value but also incredible impact on human health and well-being. By John Cumbers Contributor. Of all the feedback I received on my recent series on ethanol policy, none was more substantive than a response from the Executive Director of the Clean Fuels Development Coalition.

Today, we present our respective cases. By Robert Rapier Contributor. Slowly releasing Fukushima tritium-contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean is a very good idea. By James Conca Contributor. By Dave Keating Contributor. Sep 11, Boone Pickens died at 91 on Wednesday. This is what he wrote.

Boone Pickens Contributor. By Christopher Helman Forbes Staff. By Rachel Sandler Forbes Staff. Georg now have the opportunity to accelerate decarbonization while modernizing economies.

Failing to do so would mean we accept that global articles on energy temperatures will increase by over 2, articles on energy. By Georg Kell Contributor. Bio-ethanol brings promise to Sub-Saharan Africa — the promise of a cleaner environment and a healthier economy, articles on energy, all at a cheaper price.

If it can replace charcoal, it will minimize deforestation and improve indoor air quality. What hope is there of arresting global warming? Minimal at the current glacial rate of progress. The bottom line is that global carbon emissions fall woefully short of the 20C path or lower spelled out in the Paris Agreement. Wood Mackenzie expects an outcome closer to 30C by By Michael Lynch Contributor. Sep 10, The sprawling Mojave desert facility will provide the city with cheaper, cleaner energy, officials say.

New York is a gas-based state, so new gas pipelines are articles on energy for both families and businesses. This will remain the case even as wind and solar become more important. Sound energy policy demands being both ambitious and practical. One-time presidential hopeful Frans Timmermans, a heavy hitter in EU politics, will articles on energy over the European Green Deal to be unveiled by the end of the year.

This is just what Russia and Saudi Arabia need. In an exclusive interview, Jim Johnson reveals how his company is bouncing back via a healthy mix of organic growth, acquisitions and the oil and gas sector's new penchant for efficiency gains.

By Gaurav Sharma Contributor. You can spend all day every day building a business, but what should you do when it becomes successful? By Bryan Collins Contributor. Given our inability to reduce worldwide Articles on energy emissions, should we try to reflect heat back into space? By Natalie Parletta Contributor.

Major changes articles on energy taken place at the top of Saudi Arabia's energy industry in recent days that will impact both the kingdom's near-term oil policies and the long-term management of its vast oil resources. The only question is how deep these impacts will be. Forward-looking updates from GeoQuant's high-frequency political risk intelligence platform, articles on energy. By Mark Rosenberg Contributor. Following over two decades of ministerial stability, Riyadh is getting a penchant for changing oil ministers as it grapples with a stagnant crude market.

Ironically, that ruling might be exactly what Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants. By Daniel Markind Contributor, articles on energy.

The time for half measures has passed. Warren wants to ax the most promising American energy sectors on her first day in the Oval Office. This reveals a dangerous ignorance of global energy security and the U. The harebrained scheme raises questions about the professor's fitness to serve as President, articles on energy.

By Ariel Cohen Contributor. Saudi Arabia's plan to enrich its own uranium for its nuclear power plans raises concerns for arms control activists. By Isabel Togoh Forbes Staff.

The corporate market for renewable energy is set to break new records, thanks to falling prices, new financial instruments and the spread of the energy transition to transportation and HVAC. Markets such as China and Japan are set to see policy changes that will help markets there take off. By Mike Scott Contributor. The climate policy proposals of each of the Democratic presidential candidates are incredibly ambitious. However, an analysis of the targets and timetables for emissions reductions proposed by each of the candidates suggests that they are not matched with policies as ambitious as the promises.

With natural gas prices finally firming up from summer lows, a new Kinder Morgan pipeline will soon carry more Permian Basin gas to various market points.

This will reduce the lingering flaring issue in the nation's second largest natural gas field, but it could also negatively impact prices. Tesla's battery expert, Jeff Dahn, has published results on new battery cells that might last 3 or more times as long as current batteries.

That makes electric cars better, improves grid storage and renewable power, and may even help robotaxis finish their day. Let's hope it becomes real. By Brad Templeton Contributor.


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